No Broken Hearts

Just waiting for the BUBBLE to burst…
I don’t think of it as Valentine’s Day
I think of it as Valentine’s MONTH
here are some cookies I made
I had a bit of trouble with my icing this time,
by accident (or by being so tired and not planning ahead)
I was in a hurry to ice the cookies and when I was mixing it, I put it on high instead of off and wound  up with LOTS of air bubbles
Now bubbles are fun to blow off a wand, but NOT fun in icing!

 I did let it sit and tried to stir them gently out-NO LUCK!
They are in almost every cookie, and for sure every one I took a photo of.
So have fun picking out all the air bubbles,
it’ll be like a search and find,
which cookie has the most air bubbles?
some just dried and look like divots, craters like on the moon.
It was too late to start again, and thought you may need a laugh :)
 better angle NOT to see bubbles    *note to self remember this!
could have been so cute :(
darn air bubbles-don’t they know they belong in a bottle and not on my cookies.
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  1. 1

    Amanda says

    It STILL is cute!!! Really… the only people who notice bubbles are the bakers. Really!! I think your valentine cookies are WONDERFUL!!

    Be blessed-

  2. 3

    ~Kristen~ says

    They are still super cute! They look yummy, too! Maybe it is my untrained eye but I probably never would have noticed the air bubbles! :-)

  3. 9

    Alexis AKA MOM says

    Could have been??? Come on my dear those are better than anything I could have ever pulled off! Beautiful!! I so want to try them all.

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