How much do you like dessert?

Have you ever gone out to eat and saw the dessert cart and knew how great it was going to be to top your meal off with one of those mouth watering desserts afterward.

Well so have I, only sometimes I overeat and can’t quite seem to fit the dessert in after I’ve consumed my plate of food along with anyone else who will let me eat off theirs.

Since this has happened one or two times. (more like twenty or thirty)

I have been known to order the dessert first, then the meal.
It works out perfectly, I get to enjoy the mouthwatering dessert then eat my delicious dinner if by chance I can’t finish it all (not very common) I will simply have  a great little lunch the next day.

Well I guess it’s no secret with my family,
so when my mom said she a cross stitch she just had to make me
here is her beautiful work.
(WOW she has patients)

but you’ll notice the date is Feb of 2009, no mistake. Although she brought it to me yesterday, hmmm?
Well she did the cross stitch and finished it last year and somehow it took a year to complete…
She and I even painted the kitchen last year and new the perfect spot for it.
Are you wondering what took so long?
so was I and the empty spot we left just for it,
has been patiently awaiting it’s fill.
Was it the frame?
My dad says no he made it when she asked.
So although I’m not sure why it took a year,
seems like a long time for paint to dry-LOL
I’m just so glad it made it way to the special spot we had planned for it..

Thanks mom!
 I love it!
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  1. 7

    Fahrenheit 350° says

    That's sooooooooooooooooo cute! I will have to carefully consider where we are eating on Vday to make sure that dessert is worth eating!

  2. 8

    Blackberry Jam Cafe says

    What a nice thing for your mom to do – well worth waiting for! I also enjoy your header everytime I stop by – even if my last post on my site may seem to be anti-cupcake! Yours are gorgeous!

  3. 9

    Chocolate Moose says

    I love your cross stich. You picked the perfect spot for it and the colors are just right. I wish someone would make a beautiful cross stich and perfect frame like that for me!

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